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Gilad Atzmon - Ziotacticus Autisticus

A guide for the curious: tactics from Z to A (Zionists to Atzmon)


In the beginning they heckled me during my concerts. I can recall the first time, it was back in 2001, three days after 9/11. It was at the Hull Jazz festival in a sold out room. During the break, I was asked by a Palestinian Solidarity activist to announce a fundraising event for ‘Palestinian Medical Aid’. Just to be on the safe side, I approached the promoter and asked him whether or not I am allowed to mention the event. With his approval at my disposal I let myself go in between two tunes. It didn’t take seconds before a female Zionist heckler cut into my speech “and what about the Jews?” She shouted in a funny, high-pitch squeaky voice. I was bewildered. I didn’t expect it. Back in 2001 I was still very naïve. I realised that shouldn’t shout back, I had a microphone in my hands and I was backed by a massive PA system. Calmly, I addressed her query. “The Jews? I don’t really know. I assume that they are still consuming chicken soup in vast quantities.” The entire room burst into laughter. It was a kind of comic relief. The heckler lady wasn’t happy at all, she stood up in anger, dragging her obedient husband with her, and left the room with outrage. The audience were watching them make their public way out, giggling to themselves. I was rather shocked with myself.

Apparently, she was just the first bird. Over the next two years, Zionist hecklers kept showing up at my concerts. They always shouted their heads off while I calmly and rather politely dealt with their anger. I learned to count on the support of the PA system. The louder they were, the calmer my reaction was. Sometimes they would swear at me in Hebrew. Again, quietly I would translate their filth into English. “You are son of a bitch, a traitor, piece of shit, Nazi, anti-Semite, I wish you died in the Holocaust, Judenrat, etc”. Night after night the hecklers would end up leaving the room embarrassed and humiliated. On their way out I would kindly explain to the audience that this kind of people are very much the people who are engaged in the criminal Zionist project. At a certain stage, the hecklers admitted defeat, they left me alone. It’s now been four years since we have seen a heckler in any of my concerts.

Death Threats

It didn’t take long before a new tactic of silencing was introduced. This time it was death threats. Death is a big thing in Jewish culture. Simone Weil calls it the ‘destruction of the I’. This fascination with death may explain why Jews at large, both on the left and right, are succumbing to what can be called the holocaust religion.

However, once I was starting to publish my thoughts, a bombardment of hate mail and death threats found their way into my mailbox. They must have believed that that the fear of death would silence me. Naturally they projected their own symptoms onto me. I started to collect the emails at a certain point, hoping to publish them one day. I thought that they convey a very unique glimpse into Zionist poetic thinking.

I’ve obscured the names and email addresses, but all of these letters are real and I have them on file.

For instance Joel Goldtown, didn’t like me very much, yet he was kind enough to wish me a good day:

Sent: Monday, July 11, 2005 9:11 PM
Subject: I think you are a sick motherless bastard. Have a nice day

Brad was slightly more hostile.

From: "Brad Quickie <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, December 02, 2003 2:09 PM
Subject: Hello

“Hello. Did you really write that anti-Zionism article?

I wish you had died in a terrorist attack in Israel. You deserve it, you
god-damned fucking piece of shit scumbag. It's jews like you who helped the nazis.

Seriously. Fuck you. Go suck the dick of some hamas members, you fucking evil piece of shit.”

I may mention that this email was sent to me in 2003, three years before the Hamas was democratically elected by the vast majority of the Palestinian people. Seemingly Brad was gifted with some prophetic qualities, he suggested that I suck for the right people.

On 21/2/2005 at 5:57 PM, Cjraeli considered new possibilities of Zio-orientated tourism.

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 5:57 PM
Subject: (no subject)
“if I ever come to jolly old england I'll be sure to find you...and that day will be your last”

Four minutes later, at 6:01 PM, he just couldn’t stop himself. He made up his mind - he was buying the tickets.

Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 6:01 PM
Subject: (no subject)

“know what scum? i'm getting my ticket today...see you soon”

I assume that Cjraeli is still hanging around in the UK. It’s been two years by now, he probably is looking for the opportunity to set that appointment between myself and my creator.

Arik Eyesore from Israel promised me that it would happen after one of my shows, I appreciated it, at the end of the day; I really wouldn’t like to die before a gig.

arik eyesore <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 2:39 PM
Subject: Gilad

Because people like you we had to suffer the SHOA.
Probably your MAMA and PAPA are ashamed of you.
AND G O F U C K Y O U R S E L F !!!

Moshe Rabin, has a biblical take on the subject. Back in 2003 he wishes me death or disaster within the course of 5 days.

Moses Rabin
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2003 8:47 AM
Subject: i wish

I wish to you with all my heart that something terrible will happen to you in the next 5 days.


Regards, Moishe R

Seemingly I am still here. Rabin’s curse didn’t really work. Arik may have come to one of my concerts and then fell in love with the music. It is understandable, after so many years, even I learned to like my music.

As bizarre as it may sound, I do not get any death threats anymore. I haven’t gotten a single one for more than two years. I do realise that this doesn’t mean that I will live forever. It doesn’t even mean that my brothers may let me die in a natural manner. It just means that the Zionist operators realised that this tactic is ineffective at least in my case. At the peak of the death threat season I used to get around 20 threats a day, it seemed to me at the time as if the entire Jewish world was up against me. Once the threats stopped I realised that it is more likely that the offensive emails were nothing but an orchestrated campaign set by one Zionist group or another. In fact, nowadays the circulation of my papers is far wider. Some of my papers reach 4-7 million readers, and yet, not a single threatening message is sent to me anymore. Does it mean that they accept me? Do they agree with me? I somehow don’t think so.

The Crypto-Zionists

In their despair, the Zionist operators are left with no other option but trying to mobilise the Palestinian solidarity movement against me. Their only way to do so was to recruit their tribal brothers within the movement.

On a first glance, this move indeed looked like a highly calculated decision. The Zionist operators could clearly see that I deliberately refrain from collaborating with the racially and tribally orientated Jewish sectarian cells within the movement. Though Jews Against Zionism (JAZ) and Jews for Justice for Palestinians (JfJfP) approached me in the early days, I dismissed them and their approach categorically. My general argument against any form of Jewish clannish activity was rather clear. I believed that since the fight for justice in Palestine was a general humanist call, there was no need to fight it from within a tribally or racially affiliated group. Moreover, if Zionism was indeed wrong for being a racially orientated philosophy, it didn’t make any sense to counter it with another racially orientated ideology (Jews for this or Jews for that). The Jewish left in Britain was rather devastated with my attempt to expose them in such a light. Though more than a few amongst them realised that there was more than a kernel of truth in my criticism, a very few decided to join the Zionist war against me.

The people who led the Zionist fight against me in the name of Marx and Moses were actually far from being eloquent. They just couldn’t win, not even in a million years.

Their tactic was rather shallow, they took a one single quote of mine: “"We must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously." They were convinced that with this single quote they may be able to knock me down. They were obviously wrong. They failed miserably. Why did they fail? Because it seems that every non-tribal person who decided to check out my original text
[1] ended up supporting my views. In my original text I was referring specifically to the Zionist Neocons within Bush’s administration, I even listed their names and there were many of them. However, as time went by some very respected academics such as Prof James Petras (The Power of Israel in The United States) shared the will to expose such an obvious observation. Soon after Petras launched his attack, John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt had published their academic report about the Israeli lobby in America. Nowadays, every person who engages in the Israeli Palestinian discourse understands that ‘we must begin to take the accusation’ very very seriously.

Being Jewish ethnic campaigners imbued within the Jewish discourse, the recruited crypto-Zionist agents couldn’t communicate their message to the broad public. The louder they shouted, the lonelier they happened to find themselves. The reason was simple. The views that I happened to carry were becoming mainstream observations. Though the Palestinians fight Israel, Israel is just a code name for the ‘Jews only State’. As sad as it may be, Israel, the racially orientated State is supported by some very influential lobbies all over the world. These lobbies have managed to transform Britain and the USA into an Israeli mission force fighting the last pockets of Muslim and Arab resistance. Israel is the only country on this planet to benefit from the merciless war in Iraq. Every Palestinian solidarity and anti-war campaigner around the world knows it.

Within two years of bitter struggle, the Trojan Horses within the British Palestinian solidarity campaign have managed to marginalise themselves to the point of total humiliation. Two weeks ago they tried to pass a motion at the PSC AGM (Palestine Solidarity Campaign) that would define Zionism and decide which groups and individuals were “anti-Semitic” and thus to officially break all ties with them. They were defeated by an unheard scale of 95%. Basically every Palestinian solidarity campaigner has voted against them and what they represent. The Zionists had to give up on them.

Zionists Collaborate With Evil

Once the crypto-Zionists were minced into dust, the proper Zionists were basically left to fight me on their own.

Following Lenni Brenner who established beyond any doubt the fact that Zionists tend to collaborate with Evil, I was delighted to find out that as soon as I was identified as the official ‘evil’, Zionists started to work for me spreading my message and thoughts.

Failing to draw the necessary conclusion from the shameful defeat of their tribal brothers within the Palestinian solidarity movement, Zionist operators decided to try to cover some mileage recycling the very same quote. Rolling their eyes to the sky they argued, “Gilad says that considering the Jewish Lobby activity in America, the questions regarding the authenticity of the Protocols Of The Learned Elders of Zion are irrelevant.” They would expect to win a debate just there, but as it seems, they could only lose. The reason is simple. With the American Jewish Committee (AJC) publicly pushing for a war against Iran
[2] no one really cares whether the Protocols were a Tsarist forgery or not. In short, the Zionists ended up blaming me for telling the truth. Like their Marxist brothers, they ended up in a no-win situation.

So far, Zionists have been far from being sophisticated, at least in my case. Although they were defeated in every battle they call upon me, they thought it was worth it to try their luck in the international front. Last week I gave a talk in a conference in Sweden. The conference was organised in part by the Social Democratic Party. The Zionist operators within the Swedish media thought that their golden opportunity to smash the ‘anti-Zionist Swedish political establishment had arrived’. “The Swedish left is sleeping with Anti-Semites” said two papers. Indeed, the Zionists have managed to shove their usual recycled filth into two major papers. However, two days later, these two papers ended up publishing my lengthy and detailed reply. While in the conference I was talking to 150 people who were more or less familiar with the subject and even with my thoughts, thanks to my new Swedish Zionist supporters, I have now happened to communicate with 600,000 Swedes who are probably misinformed about the Israeli Palestinian topic.

The development in Sweden didn’t take me by surprise, it was basically a repetition of a similar event that took place in the Guardian CIF just before last Christmas
[3]. In the Guardian it was the Zionist smear operator David Hirsh of Engage[4] who opened the door for me and practically speaking, closed the door on himself. At the moment the Zionist smear operators do nothing but open doors for me and my ideas. I do not know how to thank my new ‘allies’ for their worldwide support. I would never have gotten that far without them. There is an old Jewish saying: ‘A Righteous task is done by others’. I don’t know whether I am indeed righteous but it seems as if at the moment it is the Zionists who carry my thoughts to the wide public. In Martial Arts you learn to use not primarily your own force but the weight of your opponent in order to bring him down. That is what I’m doing, and I can tell you, our enemy is heavy and sluggish.
[1] files/onanti.html
[3]Comment is Free: Atzmon responds to Hirsh

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