Monday, November 29, 2004


Neo Anti-Semitism

by Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Syrian Minister of Expatriates

Thoughtful observation of the happenings in Palestine and Iraq shows that the issue at essence is not an issue mistake in information sources because the American Intelligence and American Administration are not that naïve. It neither is failure in media courage and verifying facts because American media apparatuses are not that feeble. The issue is "deeper and more dangerous than this and that." It is a phenomena where western anti-Semitism is transforming from its conventional form into a new one where in the twenty-first century the Arabs have been officially chosen to be the new victim, one country after the other, one people after the other; falling victims to hatred, killing, ethnic cleansing, torture, and massacres under the pretext of a multitude of reasons and justifications including terrorism. They are not much different from the pretexts used in the past, and cannot conceal from the observant researcher that at their very essence they are but different expressions to anti-Arabism and hostility to Arab culture and existence. Abu Ghraib is a case in point, another is the wedding massacre in Iraq, another is the horrible crime against the people in Rafah, all but few examples showing beyond doubt how the Neo-Cons have modified their grandfathers’ anti-Semitism into a systematic campaign of hatred against Arabs.

There is no doubt that those who prepared and misled their people to wage the war against Iraq are the same people who believe in that racist view towards Arabs and are waging a war of eradication against Palestinians, and supervising the persecution methods secreted by the neo-anti-Semitism in its campaign against Arabs. If this is not true, then how could American planes drop bombs on a peaceful wedding party, killing forty children, men and women, and even with the testimonies of living survivors published in the British Guardian the Bush Administration still refuses to apologize for its generals’ deliberate killing of innocent children. Would the Bush Administration adopt a similar policy towards any other any other nation in the world? Would American media keeps the crime in total blackout if the victims were not Arabs? Then, the New York Times editors who are now apologizing for the bad coverage before the war continue in ignoring Arabs’ agony and the massacres committed against them in Palestine and Iraq. This is because an Arab life today is not equal in worth to a western life. Is this not the exact same essence of anti-Semitism that persecute, kills, and displaces Semitic people just for being Semitic, kills their children and women and displaces and violates their properties and countries just because they are Arabs.
It is no coincidence at all that the image of the old Palestinian searching the ruins of her house looking for her medicaments, which reminded Youssi Lapead, Israeli minister of justice, of his grandmother’s image, an old helpless woman, on the days of Nazi persecution of Jews. This image not only applies to the Minister’s grandmother’s, it is the reality of thousands of families in Palestine and Iraq suffering the tragedies, cleansing, and racial discrimination that has nothing to do with the war on terrorism or with the security of this side or that one.
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