Thursday, December 30, 2004


URGENT: what are they spraying on Palestinians?

upon entrance into the OPT?
I translate an urgent dispatch recieved this afternoon from Palestina Libera:
Gas chambers for Palestinians
Dear all, I am writing you about something quite urgent and in my view, worrying… excuse me if there are no accents in this letter, but my computer at Ramallah doesn't have Word in Italian.
Yesterday morning I left from Amman for Ramalalah, and after having passed the first Israeli point of control (the electronic gate) within the Allenby Bridge (the bridge that we Palestinians use to reace the Occupied Territories and is located between Ghour in Jordan and Gericho in the Occupied Territories) there was a new procedure to undergo;
They installed a sort of room where only one person is placed at a time, it must be something measuring half a metre by half a metre and full of mirrors and above there is a videocamera that films the faces. People are made to enter one at a time while they spray in continuation a sort of gas while every person must remain for a full minute while they continually spray a sort of gas on him that we must absolutely discover what it is and there is an electronically recorded voice that says things in Hebrew which I do not understand. The chamber has been installed this month and I asked the soldiers what they were spraying on us and they did not want to reply. When I said that it is against human rights to do something of the sort, a female soldier responded that this is a special country! I have sent an email to the Europarliamentarian Luisa Morgantini, and if anyone is able to have action on this take, I would be very grateful,
Thank you, Ruba


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