Thursday, January 20, 2005


Israeli MK says assassination of Hamas leader is being contemplated

From a Palestinian news agency, (I'm not sure where their source is, and tonight my computer is not collaborating very well with me, so triple checking is resulting to be very hard), Likud MK, and head of the Foreign Affairs and Security Commission, Yuval Steinitz, commenting on the recent Qassam launches, has said that it's not out of the question to once again attempt to assassinate Khaled Mashal.

In 1997 the Mossad already made a failed attempt to assassinae Mashal in Jordan. The agents entered into Jordanian territory under Canadian passports and they injected poison into him. It was the late King Hussein who insisted that Israel provide the antidote and also release Sheikh Yassin in order for the two arrested agents to be released.

Mashal, leader of Hamas's Politburo, is accused of being behind the rockets launched into Beit Hanoun. The accusations from an anonymous Israeli official claim that Syria is "flaming the situation in Gaza in order to put the newly elected Palestinian president in a trap and then control him".

Yet, this same official claims that Hezbollah is behind the rockets…… So, I think it's a good idea to keep an eye on Yuval Steinitz, since he confuses Hezbollah with Hamas, the Occupied Territories with Syria, and most of all, thinks that it is still legitimate to do targetted assassinations of Palestinian public figures. Get ready for a bomb dropped on Syria, if this is the case. I don't think Damascus could abide such an aggression, and the road to War With Syria has been paved.


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