Friday, February 11, 2005


Voices of freedom are kept prisoner in Baghdad - PETITION

Giuliana Sgrena is an Italian journalist, working for the daily newspaper Il Manifesto. She was kidnapped in Baghdad on the 4th of February, in front of the Al-Mustafah mosque, where she had interviewed a number of families forced by US bombing to fly from Fallujah. She is still a captive.

Florence Aubenas, French journalist of Liberation, disappeared more than one month ago in similar circumstances.

Giuliana has visited Iraq many times, documenting with great honesty the dire sufferings of the population, caused first by the embargo, and later by war and occupation. Over the years, her work has provided a valuable channel to give a voice to the Iraqi people, to tell the stories that others would not write about. Her newspaper, Il Manifesto, has always been actively engaged against the war and occupation.

We do not know who has abducted them, or why. We firmly believe, however, that this act will not help Iraq and the Iraqi people to regain the sovereignty to which they are entitled, will not shorten the occupation, will not improve the life of the people.

We do know that voices of freedom, such as that of Giuliana and Florence, are direly needed.

As movements and associations active all over the world in the struggle against the war and to put an end to the occupation, we demand their immediate release.



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