Thursday, March 17, 2005


Abu Mazen - right of return should be viewed "realistically"

In a Haaretz article, we see Abu Mazen talking about « realistic demands » of the Palestinians. Apparently, he seems to believe the Right of Return is not one of them…. And what demands shall he make of Israel? That it accepts to adhere to international law? Or maybe that it builds the Wall a little lower. This was written:

"Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will tell Palestinian factions at a meeting in Cairo today that the refugees' right of return should be viewed "realistically," and that not all Palestinian exiles will return to former homes in Israel and the territories, the London-based Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported yesterday.

Palestinian sources told the paper that Abbas will tell the parley's participants - Hamas and Islamic Jihad in particular - that the right of return cannot be fully implemented, but that "individuals who ask to return to their homes and receive compensation [instead] will be able to do so."

But, then I ask myself, what does he mean, really, by -"individuals who ask to return and (not "or") receive compensation will be able to do so"? These are the moments I wished I read Arabic! The article continues:

"According to the paper, Abbas plans to explain his shift as stemming from a desire to strengthen the Palestinians' position with regard to other final-status issues such as Jerusalem, the prisoners and the settlements."


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