Monday, March 14, 2005


Arab heart problems

The Timing of Death
by Gabriele Romagnoli - La Repubblica

In the Arab world, when a leader is afflicted by heart disease, he takes a plane and seeks medical cure in Switzerland, France or the United States. This enables him to live and govern for a long time. The common man, the poor man, however, are forced into entrusting themselves to local medicine and this kills them, often at a young age. And, at the most opportune moment. Several months ago, the day following the presumed terrorist strike to the Italian embassy at Beirut, its equally presumed author had a heart attack in his prison cell, despite the fact that he was only 31 years old and practiced jogging on a regular basis. Several weeks ago, the coronaries failed the young Kuwaiti Islamist leader who had just been captured. But the craziest heart with the wildest timing belonged to Tayssir Abu Adas. He is a Palestinian, father of that Ahmed who was shown in video, assuming responsibility for the attack, after the assassination of the former Lebanese president Hariri. The government of Beirut still pretends to believe him. His father, no. He had revealed that his son, the presumed kamikaze at the wheel, didn't even know how to drive. He insisted that he was in another place and for quite some time at that. He had many other things to say. The judge was supposed to interrogate him last Wednesday, but he couldn't do so. Tayssir Abu Adas's heart failed him Tuesday evening. In the afternoon, an incredibly packed demonstration had once again given support to the old regime and to Syrian influence, the same implicated in the thesis of the kamikaze. The news of the demonstration had obscured any other information, even that of the death of this man. An investigation has been opened. Whoever is scheduled to give court testimony is well-advised to have a complete check up beforehand.


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