Monday, March 14, 2005


Today's Christian Zionist ranting

Israel Warns Of War With Hezbollah;
Isaiah End Time Prophecy In Clearer Focus

Koenig's International News a VERY scary site that claims: "In these fast-paced times, it is difficult to keep a pulse on the important events happening in our world. We live in a society of information overload and rarely do we have the opportunity to accumulate and reflect on news as important as what is offered in Koenig's International News.

In Koenig's International News you will be kept abreast of the key issues and people that you need to know about. We offer News Briefs, News Alert, and many other interesting pages that cover international and national events of significance.

Our primary focus is on International news and its relevance to biblical prophecy and the times we are living in.

Our news comes from major reputable news services from Jerusalem, to Tel Aviv, Cairo, Amman, London, Prague, Moscow, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Toronto, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, as well as information from a vast number of contacts from around the world in strategic locations.

We believe in the days ahead a "small group of people" and a "few major events" are going to shape our world in significant ways. And when those events happen, Koenig's International News will be there reporting the news to you.

Our objective is to keep you, your family, friends, and associates informed of the key events happening throughout the world. We encourage you to tell others about Koenig's International News."

There.... I've told you, so now you are warned about what kind of quacks are out there. Now, onto the article.

WASH—Mar 11—KIN--A prominent Israeli general Thursday warned of a war between Israel and the Syrian/Iranian-backed Hezbollah between now and the year 2007, bringing into clearer focus an Isaiah 17 prophecy about the destruction of Damascus. General Benny Gantz, Chief of the Israeli Defense Forces Northern Command, said that Syria, under pressure to quit Lebanon, was likely to approve an Iranian-Hezbollah campaign against Israel. General Gantz said that Hezbollah has become a threat to Israel because it has over 15,000 rockets and missiles pointed at Israel from the Lebanon border. He said that Hezbollah has become increasingly supportive of Palestinian terrorist cells in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

General Gantz was speaking at the 2nd International Warfare in Low Intensity Conflict Conference in Tel Aviv, a meeting of military leaders where Israeli Defense Forces experts share strategies and doctrines about how to fight the type of warfare they have experienced in the conflicts with Islamic fundamentalists and other hostile Arab neighbors. Gantz told the conference that he did not envision a conventional attack by Syria against Israel, but rather a scenario whereby Iran or Damascus would use Hezbollah for a proxy war.

Military sources said Gantz's warning was the latest by several senior officers who envision a major war with Syria by 2007. They maintain that Iran and Syria have used Hezbollah to weaken Israel strategically and erode its morale. The comments come at a time when many believe that Syria is withdrawing from Lebanon amidst demands by the United States and the United Nations for a complete and thorough withdrawal. However, sources within Israel believe that even though the Syrian army is pulling back, Syria is working furiously behind the scenes to ensure Hezbollah will be the major military and political force in Lebanon.

America’s pressure on Syria to leave Lebanon and clear the way for democratic elections is playing well into the hands of prophecy. Isaiah 17:1 prophesies “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.” General Gantz told the conference if Hezbollah attacked Israel, Israel “can drive Lebanon and Syria 50 years back.” The United States, in its efforts to stabilize Islam with the spread of democracy, appears to be accelerating the march of prophecy by solidify the end time alignments between Iran, Syria, Russia, Libya and others. So long as America does not waiver in her support of Israel, she will remain in God’s favor. Pray for our leaders and strengthen your heart toward Christ.


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