Sunday, April 3, 2005


Palestinian prisoner denied medical help in Israeli prison

"Save our son" Contributed by Saed Bannoura, IMEMC & Agencies Friday, 01 April 2005
"Our son is suffering of critical health conditions in detention, we appeal humanitarian organizations, local and international institutions, Arab members of Knesset and the free nations of this world to help us save the life of our son in Israeli detention".

Family of detainee Ahmad Lutfi Dharagma, 31, who was sentenced to 15 consecutive years, said that he is suffering of critical health conditions in Galboa detention, after prison authorities rejected to provide him with the needed medical attention in spite of efforts conducted by humanitarian organizations and Arab members of Knesset.

Dharagma is suffering of critical infections in his pelvis and left hand as a result of fractions sustained during interrogation after he was arrested on February 2nd 2005.

"Soldiers transferred him to "Hasaf Harofeh" hospital, but it was only for publicity reasons, especially after the media spoke about his case and torture he faced during interrogation", Mohammad, the brother of Ahmad said.

Mohammad stated that his brother was confined to solitary imprisonment for three consecutive months in a small cell, his left hand was broken during interrogation, and developed complications which nearly made him lose it. "My brother cannot stand now, and he can't move his hand correctly", Mohammad added.

Parents of Mohammad said that they intend to ask humanitarian organizations to help them go to court and demand immediate medical checkup for their son, especially after his condition had critically deteriorated. "We appealed Physicians For Human Rights, Prisoners Supports Society, Arab members of Knesset and several other organizations, but prison authorities are still barring him from receiving the needed medical treatment, they even rejected to conduct the needed medical checkups".

The family, voiced appeals to the to save the life of their son, living in Galboa' detention, one of the worst Israeli detentions, "Where is humanity in this world, our son is in a serious condition. He is a detainee, and is deprived of the needed medial attention and treatment".

Yet Ahmad remained in detention deprived of his basic rights of medication.

Shatta-Galboa detention is located in Bissan; Palestinian detainees, detainees from the Galilee Heights, Jerusalem, and Arab prisoners are held in this detention, Shatta is considered one of the central prisons and infamous for its bad conditions and treatment. Galboa was built adjacent to Shatta detention as a new section.

According to statistics released by the Mandela institute, the number of detainees in Israeli detention camps is 7793. At least 3800 of the Palestinian prisoners are being held in Detention centers and Central prisons run by Israeli Prisons Service (IPS).

Among these prisoners are the 106 Palestinian female prisoners (two infants are now with their mothers in detention) and the about 78 Palestinian minors (16 years old and under).


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