Tuesday, April 5, 2005


Powell gets ADL Award

On the ADL site, we see that Colin Powell has been awarded with the highest honour this group grants, the America's Democratic Legacy Award. They justify it by saying:

"Colin Powell is one of those Americans for whom we reserve a special place in our history and hearts. We call them heroes," said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. "From his leadership through the Gulf War, to the determination he exhibited as our nation's top diplomat at a time when confronted with terrorism and war, Colin Powell always approached his role with great courage and intelligence. We owe him our respect and gratitude for his years of public service, for his integrity, and for his commitment to spreading the ideals of democracy and freedom around the world."

"Colin has always taken a keen interest in the safety and security of the State of Israel and in seeking to establish a lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians," added Mr. Foxman. "His efforts have had a positive impact on the improvement in relations now underway, and for that we thank him."

ADL's America's Democratic Legacy Award, its highest honor, was established more than 50 years ago to recognize "those precious few individuals who have helped make our nation a place where freedom, equality and democracy are cherished rights forever."

Someone pass me the sick bag while I look at that picture of Powell, who with great courage and intelligence, is using all of his integrity to hold in his bare hands a vial of some WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Imagine if he dropped that capsule of sugar on the floor, he wouldn't have anything left for his coffee later, and perhaps the lives of 500,000 innocent people could have been spared.


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