Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Atzmon picket update... mystery over Machover's position

It would be important to get the real story on Moshe Machover’s view of the picket staged by Jews Against Zionism targeting Gilad Atzmon (and perhaps the venue that hosted him) at Bookmarks, a Socialist bookshop of London. The facts to date:

On Wednesday 15th June, Machover, until recently a close friend of Gilad’s, reassures Martin Smith of the SWP that he is against the picket.

On Thursday, 16 June, Machover undersigns a document supporting the picket,which appeared on various sites with public access, including Jews Sans Frontieres and Just Peace UK.

On Friday, 17 June, Moshe Machover was not present at the picket at any rate, although no one can know what was in his mind.

On Friday 17 June, Roland Rance circulates an email confirming that Moshe Machover supported the picket and even sent a letter stating his views to the SWP.

On Saturday, 18 June, following an inquiry as to the true position of Machover, Roland Rance posts on Jews Sans Frontieres a letter he claims Machover sent to the SWP, in support of the picket against Atzmon and critical of the SWP for having hosted him.

On Saturday 18 June, Martin Smith from the SWP himself is surprised to read Roland Rance’s statement which was a copy of an email, reconfirming that he has never received a letter or an email from Machover. He still argues that as far as he is concerned, Machover was against the picket.

On Monday 20 June, Tuesday 21 June and Wednesday 22 June, Martin Smith reassures to Gilad Atzmon that the SWP had received no such document from Moshe Machover.

Either there is a false document being circulated, or Roland Rance and JewsAgainst Zionism as well as Just Peace UK and the SWP are being taken for aride by the legendary Moshe Machover.

So few people and so many lies.



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