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1001 Lies about Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by Mary Rizzo -

Sadly, those of us engaged in exposing the crimes of Zionism are often victims of smear campaigns. It is more or less an "occupational hazard" to which sooner or later, one develops a thick skin. We basically ignore it and get on with our business. In the past two months, I have witnessed and been object of a bi-directional smear campaign against Gilad Atzmon and his supporters which has overstepped the usual limits. The typical opponents have been at it, with their Frontpage News articles, their pseudo "progressive" conservative rants on forums where basically anonymous ill-mouthed narcissists defend the cause of Zionism and rant against Muslims, and the usual Zionist mouthpieces creating faulty cut and paste bits taken from various internet sources publishing op-eds in newspapers.

Yet, a small group of "anti-Zionist Jews" had been the most virulent in these attacks. Some of it dragging people of the most limpid records into it and smearing them violently. I myself, have been victim to their aggressions, mainly verbal, but also in an aborted attempt of the leader of Jews Against Zionism to throw me out of Just Peace UK, a discussion group, by creating ad hoc an ad hominem poll, smearing me as a Holocaust Denier Apologist, when my record of anti fascist activity is on public record and probably has been more effective than anything he has done.

Why all of this? Because myself and others have defended Gilad Atzmon. Who is he? In my opinion, he is one of the most honest, effective, sincere and creative voices speaking against Zionist crimes. His alignment with the Palestinian people is total. He has dedicated his work, his art, his life and his energy to listening to them, spreading their message, and doing anything he can to make people aware of their situation. He also knows a thing or two about Zionism and Israel. He was raised in Israel, inculcated in its mindset and aware of its doctrine. He was a soldier for Israel when he lived there, but dusting the dirt off his shoes, he is now a soldier for Palestine. Being a soldier, he is not going to abandon the battlefield.

He is a victim of this as other illustrious fighters have been, those who condemn the manipulative uses of the Holocaust Industry, such as Norman Finkelstein, or those who expose the work of the Zionist Lobby and the mass media such as Jeff Blankfort and those of "If Americans Knew", or those who report from Zionist Israel, such as Ilan Pappe, Amira Hass or Gideon Levy. With few or no exceptions, they are people raised in the Jewish faith or at least in Jewish cultural environments. They are targetted where it is no longer Politically Correct to keep on targetting Palestinians and Arabs.

Atzmon knows what Zionism is, and how it has been so effective. The one mechanism it has always used has been THE LIE. It is so simple to understand how Palestinians have lost their land and freedom because so many people believed the lies. That is why, exposing the lies is important. And without further ado: the current status of lies against Gilad Atzmon.

A Glimpse Into the World of Zionist Ugliness

For more than ten years I have been writing about Israel, Zionism and Jewish identity. I am engaged in a process of deconstruction and critique of different Jewish texts, ideas, politics and practice. My intent is aiming towards some deeper realisation of what Zionism is. In my opinion, Zionism is one of the most dangerous political movements. It is a global operation that threatens world peace on a daily basis.

I am delighted to say that my views are well distributed. My books are translated into 17 languages, my papers are highly circulated as well. I contribute regularly to many left magazines both in the printed media as well as online ones. And yet, I have never seen an argumentative piece against any of my writings. No one has ever dared challenge my philosophical ideas. Instead of doing that, they label me. They call me names, they misquote me, they lie and they are very quick to believe their own lies. In other words, based on their responses, they are Zionists and they behave like ones.

This page is dedicated to my bitterest opponents. It is an open list of the different labels that have been attached to my name. Each label is followed by my comment. This page is glimpse into the world of Zionist ugliness.

The Labels:

Atzmon the Self-Hating Jew - I recently won the Jewish Chronicle’s ‘Self-Hating Jew Weekly Award’ (The Jewish Chronicle 24/6/2005 Diary column, Simon Round).

My comment: If there is a political Jew within me, I do indeed fight him to the bitter end. But then, rather than viewing such a battle as a symptom of a pathological mental state, I tend to regard it as a healthy progressive dialectic procedure.

Atzmon the Racist - This is a statement published in various places. Mark Elf, a 3rd category Jew who has his own blog is totally convinced that I am ‘deeply racist and Anti-Semitic’ . This very idea was repeated lately by David Aaronovitch, another fellow Zionist journalist who specialises in collecting broken bits of information from London’s Jewish web sites.

My comment: There is not a single racist remark in any of my political writings or in my performances. I do not refer to any form of biological determinism. I have never written about race or referred to it whatsoever. Moreover, I have never supported any form of discrimination against Jews or anyone else. If anything, I support total equality. I would admit though that my fictional characters are often enough racist to the bone, but it is exactly their racism which I ridicule.

Atzmon the Anti-Semite - rather often I am accused by left Jews of being an Anti-Semite.

My comment: I am an anti Zionist and oppose the Zionist mindset. I look at questions of Jewish identity and I do question the ties between a Jewish world view and Zionism. I refute totally that I am anti-Semite. In fact I also believe that the current concept of an Anti-Semitism is meaningless.

Once the Zionists had managed to establish their Jewish state, any form of anti Jewish sentiments should be comprehended either as a private case of xenophobia or as a political retaliation to Israeli/Zionist atrocities. In other words, the title Anti-Semite became an ‘empty signifier, i.e. a signifier with a vague, highly variable, unspecifiable or non-existent signified. It is an empty verbal utterance that exists merely to serve a political cause (very much like Blair’s WMD and Bush’s Axis of Evil). Because Anti-Semite is an empty signifier, no one actually can be an Anti-Semite and this includes me of course. In short, you are either a racist which I am not or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism, which I have.

Atzmon the Holocaust Denier - In a letter to Bookmarks, a Socialist bookshop in London, Tony Greenstein, a British Jewish ethnic activist, as well as a 3rd category man, stated that he called for a picket against the bookshop during my appearance. In the official position letter he labeled me as the 'Holocaust Denier Gilad Atzmon'.

My comment: 3rd category Jews love the Holocaust, therefore, some of them spend a lot of time searching for its deniers. Greenstein is no doubt a Holocaust denier hunter. Anyhow, on the same day, after being warned that such an accusation against me may cause him some legal complication, Greenstein caved in and dropped the 'Holocaust denier' accusation. Greenstein presents himself as a Jewish Marxist. I don’t know whether he understands Marxist dialectics, clearly he understands the language of materialism. Once it was down to his pocket, he was very quick to retreat.

Anyhow, such an accusation is very unusual, considering the clear fact that there is not even a single reference to Holocaust denial in any of my writings. I must assume that it is a label that is used by people of the 3rd category as a Zionist-shield. Zionists do insist on preventing any discussion of the topic beyond the standard narrative. Seemingly, the 3rd category Jewish Marxists do operate as a Zionist fig leaf.

Saying that, I must admit that I have many doubts concerning the Zionist Holocaust narrative. Being familiar with many of the discrepancies within the forcefully imposed narrative, being fully familiar with the devastating tale of the extensive collaboration between the Nazis and the Zionists before and throughout the Second World War, I know pretty well that the official Holocaust narrative is there to conceal rather than to reveal any truth. But it isn’t only a historical matter. It is evident that the Holocaust raises an ethical question. Considering the scale of the post Holocaust Jewish trauma we must question how is it that people who suffered so much (Jews) can inflict so much pain on other people (Palestinians).

I may even take it one step further. Since the Palestinians are the last victims of Hitler, we aren't able to isolate the Holocaust narrative from the Palestinian cause. The natives of Palestine bear the consequences of the Jewish disastrous history. However, I really want to believe that Palestinians will be liberated before the Holocaust narrative drifts and settles as a reasonable historical account. Clearly we aren’t there at the moment.

Atzmon the Holocaust Denier Apologist - Roland Rance, another proper 3rd category Jewish Marxist came with a novel solution. Rather than calling me a 'Holocaust denier', which is a little sticky legally, he went for the mild version, ‘a holocaust denier apologist’.

My Comment: For those who didn’t read my latest book, it is in fact all about Roland Rance and his crypto Zionist brothers. Some Jews cannot live without Hitler. This applies mainly to the left Jews. While the right wing Zionist decided to live by their sword, the modern Jewish leftist, the one who abandoned God, the one who saw the fall of Stalinist Moscow, is searching for essentiality. For Rance, Greenstein, Elf and others, the Holocaust is the new Jewish religion. For a while I have been asking myself whether they are going to drop the Chicken soup out of their diet and adopt some alternative gulag's dishes instead. As we know, Jewish cuisine bears some significant historic symbolism. The 'maza' is a reminder of the endless march in the desert, the 'fish head' is there to encourage some supremacist thinking ('we shall all be in the head rather than in the tail'), the 'falafel' stands for the colonization of Palestine, etc.

Atzmon the non-racist Anti-Semite - I've come across this bizarre label lately.

My comment: This is basically a contradiction in terms (a non-racist racist). I thought that this contradictory title should be presented just to prove that the Zionist's smear world goes far beyond any recognized logical pattern. In the Zionist world 'A and no A' is a valid possibility.

Atzmon the Communist - While the 3rd category Jewish Marxists accuse me of being a right wing racist, their right wing brothers refer to me as 'the red communist'.

My Comment: Although I am sympathetic to Marxist ideology, I argue that material and colonial discourse is far too limited to enlighten the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I am searching for answers in other places rather than mere working class politics.

Atzmon, Proponent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion - I am occasionally accused by right and left Jews for counting on the old Tsarist forgery.

My comment: In fact it is the other way around. I argue that the Protocols are completely irrelevant. Zionist lobbies all over the world are manifestly engaged in global politics and international murderous tactics. It isn’t solely the Palestinians who are victims of Zionist logic. All throughout its history, Zionism was supporting the most malicious Colonial Forces. This is the essence of political Zionism, i.e. whatever is good for the Jews is good.

A few months ago I exposed some extracts of an inner Zionist elder cell in North West Yahoo If you want to learn how they operate just follow the above link.

Atzmon the Endorser of the Burning of Synagogues – I was accused of suggesting at the London School of Oriental and African Studies that burning synagogues is a rational act.

My comment: If there was any truth in such an accusation, I would be sitting behind bars for inciting a racial crime. Needless to say, I wasn’t even approached by the Metropolitan Police. Anyhow, the following is my comment to the Observer about the event:

‘By no means did I justify any form of violence against Jews, Jewish interests or any innocent people. In the School of Oriental and African Studies we were debating the question of rationality of anti-semitism. I claimed that since Israel presents itself as the 'state of the Jewish people', and bearing in mind the atrocities committed by the Jewish state against the Palestinians, any form of anti-Jewish activity may be seen as political retaliation. This does not make it right’. (,,1468961,00.html).

Atzmon the Propagator of the Myth of Jews being Christ killers.

My comment: Jews being Christ killers isn’t a myth. It is rather a historical and a theological narrative. Whether it is true or not isn’t my concern. However, I do question the similarities between the ‘Passion of Christ’ and the passion of the Palestinian people. I do question as well how come Jews feel offended when associated with a crime committed by their ancestors two thousand years ago. I question the repeated Jewish tendency to crucify their messengers. They did it to Christ, to Spinoza, to Chomsky, these days to Finkelstein and Shamir. There is a well maintained Jewish web site dedicated to ‘those who hate themselves’ and must be nailed to the wood. Pay them a visit and judge for yourself.

Atzmon the nutcase, Atzmon the crackpot, Atzmon the loose screw, Atzmon the loose cannon, Atzmon can’t play the Sax, Atzmon and Atzmon and Atzmon and....

My comment: I must have hit a nerve there. I struck a chord and I will strike again and again. More than anything else, I am a Jazz musician.



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