Tuesday, July 5, 2005


Benvenisti - Just an internal Zionist spat

It's been a while since I took a peek at Aron's Israel Peace Weblog, and together with some of his own good commentary, he reprinted an article by Meron Benevenisti, which I print a very short excerpt of. The article is a must read.

To understand the limited, familial nature of the treatment of the disengagement, it is only necessary to pay attention to the fact that it is focused on only a few thousand Israelis and does not relate at all to 1.5 million Palestinians. What will happen to them after the evacuation? Will the border crossings be handed over to them, which would allow them a direct connection with the outside world? Will the airport at Dahaniya be repaired and operated? Will the construction and the operation of the Gaza port really be permitted? Will the safe passage to connect the Gaza Strip and the West Bank be put into operation? All of these questions, and questions about the relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, are not being given any public discussion amidst the plethora of questions about the disengagement.

The Israeli public is united behind the perception that this is a unilateral step Israel is taking in order to ensure its own interests, the domestic agenda is the only thing that interests them and the Palestinians can go to hell.

The world is invited to wring its hands at the drama or to clap its hands in applause for the Israeli sacrifice - on condition that it pay the financial price of the disengagement and make no political demands. And the question arises as to whether this limited internal spat, which has been blown up into "a historic event of epic proportions," is worth all the violent uproar, or whether it is better that it fail and expose the hypocrisy and meanness in the pretension, and the shallowness of the illusion. In any case each side to the disagreement will claim that its Zionist position has prevailed. It is not from this that peace will come.


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