Thursday, July 28, 2005


Jeff Blankfort vs Mitchell Plitnick - On the Israel Lobby

This is the first entry to my "sister" blog, peacepalestine documents. Peacepalestine documents will be a place to gather longer, complete articles. Essay contributions which are appropriate to the themes discussed on peacepalestine are welcome for consideration. Send them to NO ATTACHMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Cut and paste the entire document onto the open email.

The entire article by Jeff Blankfort can be read at the new site using this link. ENJOY!

A small excerpt from an important discussion:

While American Jews as individuals have other issues that they support, the organized Jewish establishment has only one issue and that is Israel. They may differ over various Israeli policies but they are united in their desire to main strong US financial and military support for Israel.

Further, when it comes to Congress, the biggest reason AIPAC is so successful is that there is no serious opposition. Elected officials see no political capital to be gained by voting against the wishes of the many constituents they hear from favoring unconditional support of Israeli policies and who enclose checks along with their comments.

It's not that they don't believe that other voters would agree with them if they voted against the wishes of the pro-occupation lobby; it's that they see no evidence that they would gain votes and support, while they are getting a message that voting against AIPAC's wishes will cost votes and support.

There is opposition, such as the Council for the National Interest, made up of former victims of the lobby such as ex- Congressmen Findley and McCloskey, and former State Dept. diplomats but since JVP's view, promulgated most notably by Professors Noam Chomsky and Stephen Zunes dominates "the left," it gets no support from the progressive movement and, predictably, is frequently, and unfairly accused of being "anti-Semitic."


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