Thursday, August 18, 2005


Gaza Disengagement brings about Natural Disasters!!

Just so you know that global warming and the natural disasters caused by that phenomenon has NOTHING to do with the excess consumption of the world's resources, so that you are aware that the continental plate movement isn't a natural phenomenon billions of years old and is rather a reaction to the Gaza Disengagement, Bill Wilson of Koenig's International News, Christian News Reported from the White House helps us out and boldy goes where many have gone before claiming:

America’s Role In Dividing Israel Has Brought Judgment

WASH—Aug 16—KIN— The role of America in the eviction of Jews from the covenant land has been pivotal in bringing political disruption, natural disasters, economic disaster and violence against the United States.

Every President since Jimmy Carter has tried to broker peace by putting Israel on a path to give up its land. President George W. Bush is the first President to ever advocate a Palestinian state and apply constant and forceful pressure for Israel to give up its land.

And since this pressure has become so intense during the Bush Administration, Islam has prosecuted the war on terror ferociously against America; fuel prices have more than doubled; the direct nuclear threat against the U.S. has increased; temperatures, droughts, earthquakes and hurricanes have increased; and America lives in constant vigilance against attacks on its own soil.

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