Saturday, September 17, 2005


Ariella Atzmon's blog - Stan Goff's blog

I want to start to highlight a few blogs now and then, and I will kick off with a brand new one, Ariela A to Z, the blog by Ariella Atzmon. The introduction to the blog reads, "My writings seek to deconstruct the narration of current affairs as distributed to the public. By taking a linguistic hermeneutic path I attempt to reveal the rhetorical devices grounded within the techno-scientific calculative culture that is characteristic of liberal democracies. I relate particularly to the self-contradictions in the Zionist discourse regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its mutual interaction with world politics."

Several of you have already read two fine papers of Ariella's here, "Facing Democracy" and "Exiled Writers, the Joy of Translation", so you have already seen how brilliantly she challenges the basic notions of perception and understanding. I find Ariella's writing an exceptional contribution to thinking about how we create our mental frames and the ways that the accounts of things and the things themselves are sometimes very different. The articles are very challenging, and for this, well worth the effort for the discoveries that are revealed within.

Another blog is by someone whose name has been around, but whom I have never checked out until a few weeks ago, Stan Goff. His
Feral Scholar is a real treasure for commentary on militarism, gender, culture.


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