Thursday, September 29, 2005


Dorothy tells us of Lina's kidney transplant update

I had asked the wonderful Dorothy Naor if she would like to write something for my blog. She replied that at the moment, she was very busy with working on helping organise a kidney transplant for a child, and later would do so.

At any rate, I just got this email in and thought to share it. I don't think Dorothy would mind. It is a message of love and hope from an amazing woman who is dedicating all of her energy to making the world a decent place to live in. (God bless little Lina and keep her from harm's way).

Lina's Kidney Transplant Update

Dear All,
So many of you have contributed in one way or another: funds, suggestions, help in other ways, expressing your well wishes for Lina. I therefore take this public way to update you. We now have a date for surgery: Sunday, October 2. Lina and her kidney donor underwent medical examinations all yesterday, after Lina was admitted to Hadassah hospital, where she will stay also until Sunday. Her parents are with her.

Funny little 3 year old Lina adjusts to things with gusto and interest. One would think that having needles stuck in her would have put her off from staying there. But no. She loves the glass elevator which opens to her view the 3 floors underneath as she goes down and up, the games and toys in the children's room, and walking up and down the aisles. Of course she is no stranger to hospitals, having undergone surgery several times in her young life. But this is the big one, and she will remain in the hospital for at least 3 weeks after surgery.

Will update more as she progresses. I wish that we could help all Palestinian children who need help. Israeli children sometimes also need financial assistance to help with medical problems, and they, too, should receive it. But the Israeli government does not prevent them from getting medical treatment, as it does Palestinians. I was very saddened to see on the news that children and adults in Gaza needing chemotherapy were prevented by the military from coming to Israel to receive it. How inhumane Israel has become. But not at Hadassah hospital, where in the children's' ward some of the nurses speak Arabic, and even the computer games are in Lina's language as well as in Hebrew, so that she can understand the vocal parts. Even the clown that came to entertain the children yesterday spoke Arabic. But he was the only element (apart from shots and blood taking) that frightened Lina!

Now all we need to do is hope that the kidney transplant succeeds.

Thanks again.


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