Tuesday, October 4, 2005


another Israeli walk on the wild side

The Likud Candidate Uzi Landau Intends to Pay a Provocative Visit to Al Aqsa Mosque

Palestine International Press Center (IPC)
(official Palestinian National authority news source – Agence officielle de l’Autorité Nationale palestinienne)The Likud Candidate Uzi Landau Intends to Pay a Provocative Visit to Al Aqsa Mosque http://www.ipc.gov.ps/ipc_new/english/details.asp?name=10992
GAZA, Palestine, October 3, 2005 (IPC+Agencies) - Israeli sources pointed out that the Likud candidate Uzi Landau is going to visit the square of Al Aqsa mosque during the Jewish holidays. The Jerusalem Post newspaper attributed, in its electronic site, such information to closest sources from Landau that he is going to visit Al Aqsa mosque as well as many other sites in the occupied Jerusalem in a trial to draw attention to his electoral campaign and to surpass Sharon and former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Likud Party leadership elections.

The sources thought that such awaited visit to gain a position in the Likud, since he asserted himself as a representative for hawks facing Sharon the owner of the Disengagement Plan, and Netanyahu who was described as hesitative and unprincipled by Landau's electoral camp.

In the same respect, Israeli Interior Minister Ophir Pines described such step as being provocative, and he wished that Minister of Internal Security Gideon Ezra and the General Israeli Police Investigator Musa Karadi to prevent such visit.

It is expected that such visit to Al Aqsa mosque will excite feelings of anger in the Palestinian street and call the Palestinian institutions to face such visit.

It is worth mentioning that the Al Aqsa Intifada that broke out as a result of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's visit to the squares of Al Aqsa mosque on 28 September 2000 when he was opposition leader at that time.

In early times, the Israeli authorities announced that they would open an archeological site for Jewish visitors around Al Aqsa mosque, since they pointed out that they would allow Jewish masses to enter what they described as an archeological site discovered lately around Al Aqsa mosque according to Israeli officials. Moreover, they claimed that such archeological site was a religious bathtub that dated back to the time of the claimed Second Temple destroyed by the Romans in A.D. 70 and there was a small wall that dated back to the first Temple era destroyed in 586 B.C.

Well-informed Palestinian sources unveiled about 43 organizations, centers, institutions, and Jewish schools in the USA and Europe that revamped gathering funds to promote settlements in Jerusalem city, especially within its old walls where such campaign was being run by settlement committees supported by political Likud members in the Knesset and the blocs council of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank.


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