Thursday, November 24, 2005


Vanunu on his 2 day arrest: "they want the Israel public to regard me as a terrorist"

Peacepalestine's dear friend Eric has been in frequent contact with Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower, arrested in inhumane conditions for 18 impossibly long years in an Israel prison. This is one of the latest letters from Vanunu, to communicate what the latest violation against him is all about. Let us heed Vanunu's advice and not let Israel get away with this!

Hi Eric
here is latest news, last Friday again the israel authorities use the power to arrest me, but this time by putting me back in prison for 2 day, they sent me back to remember all the cruelty and hard life of 18 years in isolation the reason this time was that i came very close to the check point near the wall in Aram, a small Palestinian neighbourhood in east Jerusalem where it is still not decided were the apartheid wall will go.

I took a bus from theBus station in east Jerusalem. The bus travels to Aram without a check, and the bus returns to Jerusalem, but before *leaving* Aram they have a checkpoint. In the check point, they checked my ID card and the soldiers there received the order to arrest me. They took my camera and my mobile, and took me to the nearest police station, where i was waiting for the special police unit who came from Tel Aviv to take me to there to be questioned.

meanwhile the police themselves invited the israel media TV to come and let them take photos as much as they wanted and report my arrest in their main news, as a man who is going to the occupied territories where the "enemies"are "fighting". so they want the israel public to regard me as a terrorist.

I told the media "they arrested me when i went to see the Aram check point, to see the Apartheid wall, the Palestinians ghettoes."In Tel Aviv they questioned me about this "entering" the Palestine occupied territories: what am I doing there? why I am not following the general Army orders? I said Aram is still part of Palestine east Jerusalem, I am not interested to see the occupied territories, I just want to see the apartheid wall, to see this village, I said it is not yet clear where the borders in Jerusalem are, he want to know who I was there with, names, why I am with foreigners, he wanted to see the camera photos.

the police decided to arrest me because they want to release me only under court orders, but there was no court on the Jewish sabbath day, so they needed to wait until Saturday night, so they imprisoned me in Tel Aviv, in a cell without anything - just a mattress and blankets.

Saturday morning my lawyer Feldman and Sfard came to see me, to hear what happened, to represent me in court. in the evening the police took me back to the court, the woman judge heard my case at 20:30. Feldman did not agree to the police terms of my release. they wanted 2 weeks house arrest and 50,000 shekels. Feldman convinced the judge and even the police that this arrest was a big mistake because I was not violating the terms of my release, it is not clear where yet israel wants to put its apartheid wall.

before the judge make her decision the police capitulated and agree for immediate release without any condition just my signature. that was a small victory for Feldman defending me, and my friend Gideon took me back to Jerusalem, St George, where we have a glass of beer. But the police with the israeli spies couldn't go without something, they demanded my camera and my mobile to check them, so now I don't have my mobile.

So that was another harassment in this new serial cruelty since my release, until they will give up and let me go, leave isreal. or if they will, they can put me back in prison. My conclusion is the world continues to ignore my situation and is not doing anything for my freedom as during my18 years in prison, no intervention to demand my release, the world lets israel do as they want. lets them commit more crimes, kidnappings, injustices and cruelty,

vmjc Vanunu, Mordechai
PS the last news they give me back my mobile and my Camera, thank you for your support, and thank you Mary for posting at


Stone walls do not a prison make
Nor iron bars a cage;
Minds innocent and quiet take
That for an hermitage
If I have freedom in my love,
And in my soul am free.
Angels alone that soar above
Enjoy such liberty.
R Lovelace.


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