Thursday, March 2, 2006


Depleted Uranium - Investigative Reporting

I am in love. I thought all the real journalists were dead and buried. Well, I love a lot of journalists, really, but the investigative ones, the ones who bring us the information, the films, the really important things.... where did they go? Were they sent to the other world to the sound of a bullet going off like the wonderful and so sorely missed Ilaria Alpi? Well, right here in Italy, next to Maurizio Torrealta (great journalist) we have Sigfrido Ranucci, who will become a legend. Today, we are able to see his investigative reporting on Depleted Uranium.

While at it, visit the homepage and see his other reports: Left hand column. He brought us an interview with the prisoner Hajj Ali who is the symbol of Abu Ghraib, a reportage on the White Phosphorus bombing of Fallujah and the report of the Contract Soldier of the US Army

These reports must be seen. It is not necessary to fully comprehend Italian, as many of the interviews are left in original language with Italian subtitles. Please see these films and read the reports in the Rai News24 site.

There is finally something Italy can be really proud about, Grazie Mille Sigfrido!!


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