Wednesday, April 5, 2006


A wise word about the Khzarian theory

My buddy Diego is great. He translates a lot of things, and we have quite an enjoyable email exchange. We'd beeen talking about the Khazar discourse going on in the discussion below, and this was something he wrote to me privately that I think is worth sharing. It would be the appropriate place to continue the Khazarian discussion anyway, if anyone wants to continue.

Diego: As far as I'm concerned, I don't think it's a matter of ethnic composition, or better, not only it. What I meant was: let's suppose that Ashkenazi descend from Khazars, ok? So what? Would they have the right to recover the Caspian area again ? Would they be entitled to colonization, to do what they did and do with the Palestinians? you understand me, don't you? Going on clinching that Jews are actually Khazars, might entail that they wouldn't have any right over Palestine but maybe over the Caspian area's not like that!

Jews have no rights over any land, be it Palestine or Khazaria or the North Pole because Judaism is simply a religion and not an ethnic group with one culture, uses, language (well, until Ben Yehuda came reviving the Hebrew!). They must have rights as citizens in any state of the world, just as a Catholic or Protestant or a Muslim.....that's why I don't understand the necessity of insisting upon the Khazars origins of Jews (and I don't care. If one wants, go to a book-shop and get information about, or on internet, yet not forgetting to verify both sides of the story and not simply searching only for what one wants to hear or find.....)


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