Monday, May 29, 2006


To All Commenters

I am through with your comments. I am tired of them. I don't even read them anymore. I have asked all of you, not twice, but at least ten times as many, to follow a few very simple restrictions of decency and respect. Have you been able to abide by them or respect me? NO! Enough, I say. I have asked you to ignore deliberate baiters to give me time to delete their comments. Have you been able to do that? Hell no! I have asked you not to use multiple ID's call one another Nazis, to not make racist comments. That has been ignored as well, and we get the an exhibition of the same tired, redundant, repetitive diatribes that go no place and simply waste energy, yours and mine.

You can't for the life of you stay on topic! What the hell does the Holocaust have to do with Depleted Uranium, a Pain Ray or Calipari's assassination? What does a new website I would like you to visit have to do with "Islamist terrorism"? Why do you have to keep banging the same drum as if we are stupid? Comments features are theoretically nice. That is how I discovered a lot of great blogs and met some good people. Those days are over. I am not your babysitter who has to keep reminding you to act like decent human beings, grownups who can chew with their mouths closed.

You can all say your "goodbyes" if you want, because in three days, this comments feature is history. I expected people to act responsibly, but it is just too much to ask. Get your own blogs if you want to repeat ad nauseum all of your rants. It is easy and it is free of charge. You might actually see things my way once you get reams of verbal vomit on your comments boxes.

Some tell me to get moderation. Some have offered to do it for me. I tell you, I can't be bothered with it, (or arsed, as Rowan prefers). Why? Because I have time enough just as it is to blog, write, translate and edit. I am part of a much bigger site than this that takes a lot of my time and in addition to all of this: I have a real job, a real family and my time is limited. If you can't act like adults, I shouldn't have to spend my time policing you, and you shouldn't expect me to.

So, from now on, you are ALL banned! Comments, adios. Don't say you hadn't had thirty or more warnings.


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