Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Leibowitz corrects himself

A while ago, on this blog, I had published an interesting intervention I got from a listserv by Shamai Leibowitz where he illustrated his support of the boycott against Israel. He had since changed his mind and asked me to take the post off. I took the post off, I took the link off, but it still shows up on searches. He asked me to write to Blogger. I did. They did not write back. I gave him the Blogger addresses and I suppose he tried as well. I lost all of the sidebar in the process of this, had to rebuild my template from the bottom up (thanks to Zaki for his help, otherwise this blog would have been dead) but to no avail. I did what I could but it still shows up on a search. So, I am "compelled" to give the link to his new view on the boycott, although I am totally in contrast with this view. Next time, I'll take the advice of a good friend and only publish things from guaranteed stable sources. Everyone has the right to change their minds, but they shouldn't feel like they have to make every site on the face of the earth bend over backwards for them.



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