Wednesday, August 9, 2006


Let's go surfin' now

Every now and then, I find a few new blogs and sites. I'd like to take a few moments to plug some that are relatively new (at least to me) and that I like a lot:
Michael has not one but two excellent sites that deconstruct the pro-Israeli Hasbara
Israel Forum Watch and Dishonest Reporting. Both of which are well written, informative and helpful in combatting the propaganda. Don't miss them.

Mo has a great new blog Axis of Israel, and it deserves to get a lot of readers. Mohammed's Khobbeizeh is another really good blog with lots of information and colour. Desert Peace is a very good blog by an Israeli in Jerusalem. Renegade Eye occasionally interests me. Long time visitors here will be familiar with Andrew. Ziopedia is his very complete and well-stocked site. Wake up from your slumbers is a really fabulous blog. Palestine vs. Israel is a blog by a moderate Palestinian man. It has some interesting points of view, but I don't have the stomach for the comments section. If anyone wants to really dialogue (so to speak) with Israelis, this is probably the best place for it.

Not to leave out the Italians! I get many Italian readers, and sometimes I feel really bad that I don't do any posts in Italian. I read a lot of Italian blogs, especially Mirumir, Antiamericanista, Gennaro Carotenuto and especially Kelebek, but discover Italian blogs much slower than blogs in English, although at times they are much more lively than English blogs. Belinate is one I have visited from time to time, but was reminded of again thanks to some comments here from Antonio.

And that brings me to this point, when people with blogs leave comments, I go to check out the site. It's actually a good way (I prefer it to hitting people's blogrolls) to discover new blogs. So, if you have a blog, leave a comment someplace and I will check it out. Links to ones I like take me a little longer to do, but about once a week I try to update that. And, more importantly, if you have something to say, start up a blog. I can't tell you how simple it was. It does become a sort of commitment, but technically it is very simple, and actually, it is another way to do activism and diffusion of ideas.

Lastly, our old friend Simon has got around to updating his blog! Simon Jones blog is back!


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