Thursday, October 26, 2006


Italo-German Palestinian Summit is a SUCCESS!

The brief summit between Umkahil and TheCutter had turned out to be a massive success! Behind us stands Wolfgang the Goth who gave us some tips about how to honourably combat with steadfastness. We are sure that some of the strategies he suggested will be useful in the battles ahead and will bring victory and peace to the Palestinian people.

On a more social note (for our friends and readers), we had the most marvelous time in the world, with great food and drink, beautiful surroundings, wonderful people with us and the promise to do it sometime again. I had no idea Germany was this beautiful and interesting, even though I'd been before and even studied the language for a long time.

To those who don't know Umka, she is the most wonderful human being in the world. She is the utimate in wisdom, talent, humour and kindness. She appreciates the important things in life and her smile is as warm as the sun itself. She is a great friend and I truly adore her.


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