Sunday, February 11, 2007


Deconstructing Anti Semitism, a logical investigation-Gilad Atzmon

A special feature for the Comment is Free readers:

1.• While in the old days an 'anti-Semite' was someone who hates Jews, nowadays it is the other way around: an anti-Semite is someone the Jews hate.
• Because Jews are theoretically capable of hating anyone including other Jews, everyone is a potential anti-Semite.
• Since ‘everyone’ refers to the entire human family, we are entitled to deduce that humanity is, how to say it, potentially anti-Semitic.
• This is indeed very concerning.

2.• Since the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous Palestinians can never be morally justified, every morally orientated critical voice of Israel i.e., every moral being, is hated by some Jews. Thus, every moral being is an anti-Semite.
• Since Israel is a regional ecological disaster as well as nuclear threat every eco-enthusiast is potentially hated by some Jew or other and ecology is on the verge of becoming anti-Semitic.
• Since Jazz music is a call for freedom and this entails as well freedom for Palestine, Some Jazz is indeed hated by some Jews. In other words, Jazz is anti-Semitic.

3.• Even Bush and Blair, the most famous Zio-philic Goyim of our time, people who sacrifice their political careers just to save the Jewish State are hated by some anti-Zionist Jews which is enough to make Bush and Blair into proper anti-Semites.
• Even the Zionists themselves, those who rob Palestine and cleanse its indigenous inhabitants, are apparently hated by the Torah Jews, the true followers of the Judaic tradition. In other words, Zionism is nothing but anti-Semitic.
• Needless to say that the ‘Torah Jews’ themselves, those who happen to oppose Zionism in the name of the Torah are hated by the vast majority of secular Jews, by the totality of Marxist Jews and by Zionist Jews in particular, in short, Torah Jews are nothing but anti-Semites.

4.• If humanity is anti-Semitic, moralists and environmentalists are anti-Semitic, Zionists are anti-Semites, Jews in general are anti-Semites and even Jazz is no different (anti-Semitic), we are left to accept the fact that anti-Semitism is apparently the entirety, the totality, the medium in which everything else takes place.
• Though it must be admitted that anti-Semitism is beyond time and place. Yet it isn’t as great as God.
• While God was there before time, thus before the Jews, anti-Semitism is a subsequent Jewish product.
• Thus, Jews are greater than anti-Semitism but lesser than God.
• Saying that, some radical atheist Jews hate God, something that qualifies God as an anti-Semite.
• A Talmudic riddle: can God be greater than anti-Semitism and the Jews and yet be an anti-Semite himself?
• Yes, only if God is himself a self-hating Jew.
• Though one self-hating Jew made it into God, not every self-hating Jew is God. I, for instance, just play the saxophone and deconstruct the Jewish identity.

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