Friday, May 25, 2007


Peacepalestine forum!

After the Peacepalestine Jukebox, we unveil another new feature! Introducing the Peacepalestine forum. Bookmark it, or refer to the link at the sidebar. For the moment, it will be an integrative - interactive element along with Haloscan comments that are directly on the blog. Since registration is necessary to post on the forum, it may at some point in time substitute the comments entirely.

The domain is an Italian one, so registration is also in Italian. These are the instructions for those who do not read Italian: click on Menu (drop down menu at the left), Registrati is what you need. There will be Terms of Service. Click ACCONSENTO for the first, ACCONSENTO for the second and NON ACCONSENTO for the third. The first two refer to being able to use the forum, the second to them having access to your email address and the third prevents you from getting promotional advertisements in Italian). After that, you create a NICKNAME, compile a PROFILE and you are ready to go.

Currently, and on an experimental basis, registration is open to anyone, but the administrator reserves the right to cancel any member or any post (and registration is by email, with confirmation, one time registration, etc.) at any time for spamming, for ad hominems or flaming. This means that the individual poster is responsible for his behaviour, as well as for the content of his post.

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