Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Eric Walberg's site - East-West analysis and more

Eric is a very dear friend and gifted writer. One of the most enlightening and interesting correspondence exchanges I've ever had (must have lasted a year or more) was with Eric. Since he is an "old school" world traveller, he would go to live in places that might not have running water, and sometimes internet service would be up for grabs. It was always a pleasure to hear his insights on things, with the backdrop of the real world he was living in, but when he suddenly was off to some other continent, we simply lost touch. The other day, finding one of his latest papers for Al-Ahram Weekly on a mailing list, I was delighted to finally catch up with him and learn he not only wrote for them, he's living in Egypt now! He's also got a site with a collection of some of his papers. Please check it out! (Next week, I will be very happy to reprint here the upcoming article for Al-Ahram, he described it to me, and I can't wait to read it!)

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