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Elf vs. Gilad & Mary: sling it till it sticks!

For the record, I don’t read Elf’s blog on any kind of regular basis. I generally only check it out if one of my friends tells me I might be interested in seeing how he’s attacking people, generally Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen or myself, and glorifying others, Blackwell, Rosen, Rance, Greenstein, Mooser, et al, who probably have never done much in a concrete way to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinians, and more than likely have never raised funds for Palestinians, but they spend a lot of time attacking me and others. An AWFUL lot of time, actually, more than one would consider normal when there is so much concrete work that should be done.

Background: a friend suggested I take a look at Elf’s blog, where Gilad was being attacked. I did, but noticed nothing that new. Actually, I noticed that the paper of his that was being attacked was one that first appeared here on PePa in the summer, and then made its way to hundreds of other sites, blogs and forums, including some that any, literally ANY activist would see in the course of a standard check through the week’s commentary sites. I suppose these people had to wait until a minor UK site printed it to see a paper that probably millions had already seen and read and digested. But that’s ok. We know Elf and his friends really (and admittedly so) spend a lot of time looking through the Jewish Chronicle and other very provincial papers that deal with their local community. It’s ok. Being a blogger doesn’t mean that one is on top of things.

Gilad wrote a commentary to the post, since people there were discussing and claimed they “wanted to understand”. If engaging in dialogue is the case, here was some input directly from the person they were contesting, can anyone ask for more?

I posted a message on the thread on Elf’s blog that there was this commentary if they wanted to read it. Needless to say, it was not posted. But, I have a site tracker, and it showed me that one of the readers came from the link of the comments section on that thread. That could only be the person who moderates Elf’s blog. Obviously, he wants to read it, but doesn’t want others to do the same. I posted again, comment I pasted here in a lower thread, and this was Elf’s remark. Gilad saw it, and responded to it. I am including here the post in black, with Gilad’s comments in blue and mine in red.

Elf: I don't read your ludicrous blog Mary.

Gilad: You do, you do, we see you coming and going. To be so familiar with what you interpret as my thought and activity, and to comment on it with such frequency, you must read me day and night. It is called obsession and it is shaped as a severe form of jealousy.

Mary: It could only have been you to have read the post, but we’ll get to this later, dear.

Elf: What's the point? You don't even know what proxy means. People know that if they want to read Atzmon they can go to your blog. Some people even think it's his blog. Simple.

Mary: Well, some people are dumb then. It is quite obvious that the blog is mine, because there are many of my translations and things that I have written and found, although Atzmon posts on it regularly. He’s a writer, he writes about the subject of this blog, we’re friends. A(tzmon) + B(log) = C(lear to those who know how to use their brains). So, they want to read Atzmon, they come to my blog, this is normal. People want to read Rance, they go to yours, it’s the only place one can read him!

Elf: I believe you and Atzmon to be the scum of the earth deliberately dividing the anti-zionist movement simply for attention seeking purposes. I don't have to make anything up there.

Gilad: Indeed we divide the anti Zionist movement into Anti Zionist movement and crypto Zionists Jews a la Elf, Rosen, Greenstein, Rance and some other circumcised elements that didn't make themselves known enough. And indeed no one except the Judeo centric elements have ever complained about it.

Mary: I’ll go further: if Robinson signs the Euston Manifesto and writes to the BMJ that people shouldn’t pick on Israel so much, I’d say the problem with the Anti-Zionist movement (in GB, I imagine, because you are only relevant there) is a lot closer to home. Why not ask Tony Greenstein to get the Boycott issue straight if he is supposed to promote and advise on it? Ask him why, when I asked advice – not to him, but to a forum of cyber activists, about getting press credentials to meet and interview an Israeli director who sought me out, and I was confused as to how this would fit into the Cultural Boycott, he told me it would be completely fine to see (and following that, since I’d be scheduled for an interview, to promote it) this film (of course, he also imagined the content to be pro-Palestinian, which the director did not say, but rather said, “it is a film that promotes peace”, and we know the two concepts are not identical). My Palestinian friends said there was pretty much no question: boycott. Anyway, I’d say that if Gilad and I alone have the power to destroy the “movement”, it’s a movement that is worthless. Either that, or we are two powerful muthas! Besides, we didn’t set out to deliberately divide the movement. They did that on their own. Wonder of wonders, people can ACTUALLY THINK AND ACT FOR THEMSELVES!

Elf: It saddens me that for the sake of his taste in music, Martin Smith of the SWP, is dragging the SWP down to your level, including Lenin, whose blog I used to contribute to.

Gilad: Like every one in the UK left... even Lenin realises who you are ... basically you are left alone with a tiny bunch of neurotic Jews. Why don't you just meet in Blooms, Rosen will take care of the entertainment and Greenslime will pay the bill, I am sure is has many cards at his disposal.

Elf: If you want to talk about dishonesty you might like to explain how this morphed to this. But then as a lying piece of shit yourself, the last thing in this life you want to do is talk about dishonesty.Anyone who comes here knows that I have no interest in making anything up and that I am more than ready to correct, and if appropriate to apologise for mistakes. But make no mistake, you and Atzmon are antisemitic pieces of shit.

Gilad: It is so sad that an alleged progressive Jew succumbs to the idea that exposing wrong Jewish politics is nothing less than antisemitism. In short, there is no difference between Zionists and Jewish anti Zionists, they all try to take a cover under the racial victimhood roof.

Elf: Go get Atzmon to stump up two lots of twelve hundred quid for lawyer's letters.

Gilad: Have you heard about 'no win no fee'?

Elf: I'm easy enough to find. But better still run one of your Der Sturmer type pages and have all your racist troll following tell you how funny you are. You might even plead with some to come here and hassle me. Maybe you could get this Gillespie to adopt a Jewish name and say how much she appreciates me and Israel. Or how about a Rowan Berkeley to explain my responsibility for two world wars.

Gilad: Elf you better seek some psychiatric help. It is called Paranoia, if you can't find the support you need just go to your local Boots and tell them that you are being chased and feel as if you caused 2 world wars, I am sure they will get you the right pill. Now to the matter, this Idiotic JEW sans Frontiers are so exposed now that being smeared by you is almost as positively effective as being put down by the ADL.

Mary: Said, I’d get back to it. Elf says he never reads my blog, but claims now and before in some other of his comment that it is a Dur Sturmer type page and blog. How can someone know what something is if they are not exposed to it? They make it up. So, Gilad, I’d add pathological liar to paranoid. Boots doesn’t give that stuff out without a prescription. Besides, I never pleaded to anyone to come hassle you. Why not ask Joe K all about that. I thought it was weird someone complimenting Gilad and my blog at 8 am and then on a blog that was spending all of its limited energy in dissing Gilad and I would comment on something at 9 am. I thought this kind of thing was weird, to say the least, and as a feeling human being, I mentioned it. I have NOTHING to hide, I’ve posted it all, so I never asked anyone to “hassle you” (I’m a big girl now), but I do ask people to be CONSISTENT TO THEIR OWN MORALS AND ETHICS.

Elf: But just don't be so silly as to suggest that banning a racist troll like ourself or any other Atzmon proxy or surrogate from a 300 hits a day blog amounts to censorship.

Gilad: Indeed, they are nothing just failed bunch of Jewish lobbysts, we destroyed JPUK and now we destroyed them. Soon they will meet again in another artificial Blooms.

Mary: I don’t ask to be on your blog, Elf. I merely post a mention for your readers for replies from the very person they are attacking. Seems reasonable for them and for all of us. And, while we’re on it, how would you know my hits? Must be interested in knowing things about my blog. Well, here are some facts: I get loads more hits than 300, but that is actually not so important to me, and I will tell you why. My blog doesn’t sell anything, I don’t need the hits. What my blog does is feature papers and translations that sometimes are linked directly, as in Information Clearing House, reprinted with the link, as in Uruknet, Dissident Voice, The People’s Voice, Amin and many other sites. All this on a daily basis. Almost everything up here circulates like mad, and gets translated as well. Ask yourself why. Because if people want to read about the Jewish Chronicle and what is going on in Birmingham at a union meeting, they can go to read you. I am sure about 25 people do a day! But, it’s stuff that has a very short shelf life. No one cares. It is a small niche, Elf. It’s ok. We don’t mind that you are concentrated on your navel. We others aim higher.

Elf: Censorship is about stopping people expressing themselves at all like Atzmon did by force of finance to Sue Blackwell.

Gilad: Indeed and I wish I could stop her before she comes up with her 3rd failed boycott attempt, cos it really starts to look as if she and her JAZ are working for David Hirsh and Engage.

Elf: You can tell your lies through many forums. Atzmon seeks to silence people period.

Gilad: Indeed, I do believe that Jewish political activism is there to serve the Judo tribal entity, I expose it, I say, 'take it or leave it'. Evidently, I am performing once or twice a week talking and playing for Palestinian solidarity movements around the world. Elf & co are stuck in front of their pc screens. When is the last time you Elf, were asked to give a talk?

Elf: As it happens that's another "principle" Atzmon has had the SWP abandon. I reckon a year from now Atzmon can make a proud boast that will actually be true for a change. He can publish his book, "The SWP, my role in its downfall."

Gilad: You are almost right, we are about to publish a book, but it actually explains the downfall of you and your ilk within the Palestinian solidarity movement.

Elf: Don't expect a blurb from Galloway on the back though. He'll have parliamentary business that day. In spite of the SWP and my ex-friend, some people still have standards.

Gilad: Just for the record, I will be delighted to see Galloway in the Parliament and when it comes to the SWP it is a shame you dream of crushing the SWP just because it doesn't agree with your Judeo centric business. This is the true existence of Elf, the Jew Sans Frontieres, this is why you are so unpopular, this is exactly the repetition of the condition that brought all these disasters on the Jewish people. The fact that you cannot see it is because you are the embodiment of Jewish blindness. Stick to it, call me/Mary and others Nazis and anti semites, try to destroy the SWP. Don't ever stop swimming in your jealousy. You are indeed a Jew sans Frontieres, more Jewish than the cheif Rabbi who is apparently a very liberal man compared to you all.

Thought I'd add here the comment that Gilad left on the post below, in case some might like to read it:

Just visited Elf (JSF) and his tribal ‘cosmopolitan’ comrades…. I saw there the petty criminal form Hove, Rosen, the Jewish family entertainer was there as well. Apparently the award winning poet doesn't know the difference between Justification and Explanation. It rings a bell, a few months ago when he was caught sharing a platform with the notorious MARTIN AMIS (at the Zionist Jewish Book Week), the pathetic Rosen said he was just 'making a living' (indeed a proper Justification within the Jewish discourse) yet he failed to provide us with a single explanation (a reasoning, something slightly more ethical than mere 'money').

Here is an interesting story I am inclined to share with you my dear PePas. Apparently a very important UK TV broadcast is producing a film about 'resistance to Zionism' (no official title yet). They approached me and asked whether I would agree to contribute, they basically asked for a detailed interview and footage of my concerts. I told them that I would be delighted to share my ideas with their viewers however I wouldn't agree to share a platform with any of the UK Judeo centric left ethnic activists (I mentioned Rosen, Greenstein, Machover and Rance). The producer answered immediately: 'It isn't a problem, we understand where you come from'. Seemingly, some things are starting to change here. I saw it last year at the PSC AGM, and I see it every night in my concerts and talks. People would come to me saying, 'Gilad thanks for liberating us from this bunch of morons.'

Yet, I sometime I wonder, can this bunch of pathetic activists see that they are now totally isolated, can they see that they surrounded themselves with cyber 'defence walls' made of racial brotherhood, can't they see that they are nothing but a mirror image of the most radical form of Zionism?

They probably can't and this is exactly the form of blindness that makes them who they are: a bunch of rejected, despised and forgotten activists screaming their heads off in their artificial Atheist synagogues.

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