Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Gilad Atzmon's new Album and TV special

Gilad Atzmon's latest album is out. It's absolutely brilliant. But, please, don't take my word for it, see him play it live in the Special that was aired this week on Sky Channel. Divided into three parts, it shifts from interview segments and The Orient House Ensemble performing some tracks from Refuge. See for yourself what all the fuss is about! This is the first part of the three, the following two are: Gilad Atzmon and the OHE Presenting Refuge (pt2) and
Gilad Atzmon and the OHE Presenting Refuge (pt3) The Peacepalestine stream music player will be temporarily disabled for a few days.


"...this is his band's finest album to date and one that best captures the spirit and vitality of their live shows."
**** Jazzwise Magazine, October 2007

"...The individuality of the music is extraordinary."
**** Alan Brownlee, Manchester Evening News, August 07

"...the OHE is one of the most uncontrivedly versatile and unequivocally entertaining jazz units currently operating in the UK"
Chris Parker, The Vortex, September 07

"...Gilad Atzmon has earned a reputation as an original and creative musician and composer, and that is apparent again in the eight new compositions here."
***The Scotsman, September 07

"...each track on Refuge makes a statement."
**** John L Walters, The Guardian, September 2007

"...See Him Live and Buy His Albums."
*****Alan Cross, Amazon, September 2007

"...The new album is as passion-filled as ever."
Peter Bacon, Birmingham Post, September 2007

"...Atzmon has always been one of the most distinctive saxophonists on the British circuit."
Clive Davis, The Sunday Times, September 07

"...a brilliantly navigated combination of gentle, sensitive lyricism and precisely focused passion."
Chris May, All About Jazz, September 07

"...the album feels tranquil and meditative.."
Phil Harrison, Time Out, September 07

"...Atzmon is an astonishing musician."
John Lewis, Metro, September 07

"Exciting stuff."
Roger Trapp, The Independent, September 07


"More sophisticated, subtle and varied than anything else I've heard them do and . absolutely overwhelming.If you can possibly see them live, do."
Aaron Broadhurst Blog, St Ives gig Review, September 2007

"He makes a lovely liquid sound and produces beautifully formed rapid roulades with every note clean as a whistle."
Ivan Hewett reviews Gilad Altzmon at Brentwood Theatre, September 07

"...his phenomenal musical talent has gained him a sizeable and discerning following.The quality of the music was extraordinary...this was still a memorable and thrilling showcase for the talents of a passionate, intensely focused musician - and one which is unlikely to be forgotten in a hurry by those who attended."
Graham Williams, Live Review, Taliesin Arts Centre, South Wales Evening Post, September 07

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