Monday, March 3, 2008


Children of the world, reach out to Gaza's children!

On the Palestinian Mothers web community (which I urge caring people to join) EshaAmeena asked if there was any way that her children and other children could write to kids in Gaza to show friendship. I asked a friend in Gaza if there was a school that could accept these letters, and he gave this address:

For the children letters, you can address the letters to:
Mr. John Ging
Operations Manager / Gaza Field office
Headquarters Gaza
Gamal Abdul Nasser Street,
Gaza City
HQ Gaza, PO Box 140157
Palestinian Authority

Telephone: (+ 972 8) 677 7333 or (+ 972/0 8) 282 4508 (+ 1 212) 963 9571-3
(via UN satellite network) Facsimile: (+ 972 8) 677 7555)

UNRWA manages a very large number of schools in all Palestine

Moreover, I can give the address of the schools where my kids are. Tarek

I urge all families to ask your children to send letters, drawings, little gifts and tokens of friendship so that the children in Gaza know there are many others around the world who care and want to reach out in friendship. I will ask my daughter's school to get involved, they just might, since they try to promote dialogue. It's a lovely idea from Esha, and one that would be a concrete sign that the people of the world feel for the people of Gaza. Children know what dreams of peace are, and they can share their dreams until they become REALITY!!

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