Friday, December 22, 2006


YouTube Music and something else!

Some music suggested by friends. ENJOY!!!!

Rim Banna, Palestinian Ofra Haza.

Fairouz, a very popular Lebanese classical singer.

Nawal Zoghby, also a Lebanese singer

this one is by an Israeli singer Zehava Ben.

Amr Diab, Egyptian singer.

Liberating the American People, Gilad Atzmon Quartet

Listen to the entire An Other Cup, brilliant new album by Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens.

and now, the ones I am recommending!
TARKAN, Turkish singer I love. Wonderful voice, great composer and man, is he beautiful... (a disco remix of the biggest hits, actually very nice!)
Sezen Aksu (Turkish) composer, singer, symbol (an old one, but gorgeous) (today) (with Goran Bregovic)
and here is Goran doing it himself!
Rachid Taha (of course!!)
With Faudel and Khaled... my fave concert, and my fave song from it


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