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Zionist commenters tell us Tel Aviv is Arab... bet you didn't know that!

Did you know that Zionists tell me Tel Aviv is Arab? No, not only that, it is PALESTINIAN! Yes, brave visitors, welcome to the strange and sometimes sickening world of the creepy kind of Zionists who haunt Pro-Palestinian blogs and sites, with the goal of “destroying the comments section”, “forcing moderation” and killing off any kind of civil dialogue between people with contrasting views.

Rudeness is one of the weapons, but one can scroll down over the vulgarity and wallpaper. The more interesting phenomenon is the one of posing as a horrible anti-Semite, then trying to say that the blogger and anyone who posts in agreement with anything the blogger says is an anti-Semite and “Islamo-fascist”.

Here is one of the most recent ones on my blog, and frankly, one of the most amusing, because it exposes the tricks that these people attempt to use, and how the Zionists go to great lengths to cover up the stupidity they are peddling when they make false posts. Educational!

This was a comment to a post on my blog about a
Pro-Israel propaganda video.

Judaism is an alien imposition on a democratic society. The intolerance and oppression inflicted by these Jewish vermin must be exposed without fear and must be ultimately physically destroyed.
Anonymous 04.17.07 - 5:35 pm #
It was followed by comments by several of the pro-Palestinian regulars:
No - Judaism is not the problem as far as the world views Israel...The world is appalled by the unacceptable behaviour of the IDF and the US military...because of the targeting of CIVILIANS.
Edna 04.17.07 - 6:16 pm #
judaism is anachronistic ('chosen' etc.)... it's not a problem per se... any more than (some of) the doctrinal positions of islam and kuran are dubious or dated, though the religion yet has beauty like judaism too. it's time for us ALL to GROW UP. right'on Edna... ! christianity ain't so bad... let's face it - it too made better people, than post-modernism has or will. as i've said humorously on other blogs... we don't want to pith'me off, do we? - ok, do as i say, not as i do. (humor) ... ditto edna, above.
Albert C. Samuelson 04.17.07 - 7:52 pm #
Several posts praising the blog followed, then we get this, one of the regulars expressing his view that one of the hate posts that followed, and that I had later deleted. For the sake of this post, I am deleting the second part of the comment, irrelevant to the initial assumption, but it is still in the comments on the original posting.
Kill all Jews.

Anonymous 04.17.07 - 10:11 pm #
The above post - Sounds jewish since we jews use anti-Semitism... when it suits our needs. I' d bet - av - posted that. Or abe foxman posted it of the ADL. -?- abe, you there-?-want to comment? come on buddy... come on Out, bro! it's ok. (you already did Too good a job.) ... poor abe, he's going --- that's all i know. Abe, seriously, you're a child of god, and thus more than a one trick pony, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...
Albert C. Samuelson 04.17.07 - 10:47 pm #

Then, a few more posts praising the blog, and back comes our Anonymous Jew Hater:
"Jihad..Jihad..Jihad !! Finish with the jewish vermin once and forever !!"
Anonymous 04.18.07 - 2:59 am #
A couple more posts, including one by a strange little man who has a hate site dedicated to me, but he didn’t bother to complain (yet) about the Jew hater, but he gets his Islamic Fascist and neo-Nazi jab in there, which has of course no relation to anything, but it’s like a mantra to him and he can’t post without using it. Then, the fun starts!

Hi, would you like to exchange links, Ive already linked to you; Radical Muslim

jamal Homepage 04.18.07 - 1:02 am #
Mary: Jamal, took a brief look at the site. So far it looks good to me! (but I can't understand a link to Harry's Place!) I'll link to you.
Mary, you consort with the devil because you are the devil
This to remind you the fruit of Mohammaden terrorism today in Iraq:Suspected Qaeda bombs kill nearly 200 in Baghdad
Read more... L18255866.htm
Do you want to talk about Jihad, about this blog commitment to Jihad, about what is wrong about Islam that leads to such a butchery on a daily basis. You are a terrorist and a Jihadist like the rest of the visitors here.
No wonder why your blog displays such a post:
"Jihad..Jihad..Jihad !! Finish with the jewish vermin once and forever !!
"Anonymous 04.18.07 - 2:59 am #
Talmudist 04.19.07 - 12:20 am #
By the way, Talmudist... I thought you were some kind of "linguist" or something, because obviously, you don't know the meaning of the word Jihad. It comes from the root Jhd which means "effort", "struggle", sometimes even "work". It is a dynamic awareness of the need to better oneself to fulfill a goal. It is not destructive, but rather constructive. Try to educate yourself before you continue to make such stupid remarks.

thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 1:30 am #
According to your linguistic expertise we can rephrase the sentence:
"Jihad..Jihad..Jihad !! Finish with the jewish vermin once and forever !!"to:"!! Finish with the jewish vermin once and forever !!
"Very interesting!!!
Talmudist 04.19.07 - 1:57 am #
for some reason, the post I left did not pick up...anyway, Talmudist, it was one of your co-patriots, the famous ANON, of course, from Tel Aviv, who wrote the Jewish Vermin post. Don't think that I don't sometimes monitor these things, even though I at times am a little lazy or busy. Wouldn't call him/her self-hating, just hate generating so as to use this board as an example of hate speech, when you and Ibiot are such prime examples of it!
Atheo - Jeff is a friend and his listserv is an important source for me. He often passes around my articles, as does Tom at ICH. I keep Znet on, because at times it's ok... Haven't checked it in a while, though. Kim Peterson does a nice job at DV, even though he publishes people hostile to Gilad and I at times. I check it out now and then. I will look through all my links and update everything (hopefully!!! this weekend or next week sometime) Keep on sending in good links (not to articles, but to sites). I'm discovering good ones all the time!
thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 9:08 am #
There were other comments between these, some of them interesting, but here we actually get a bit of libel from “Ibraham Av”
Of course Jeff passes out your bullshit. He is a well known purveyor of racist nonsense. I undertand he is a dues paying member of the Austrailian Nazi Party.
Ibraham Av 04.19.07 - 11:52 am
I undertand he is a dues paying member of the Austrailian Nazi Party.Ibraham Av oh yeah? substantiate that lie, Ibiot. Otherwise you will be known as Lying Little Ibbiot
thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 12:40 pm #
There are laws about calling people Nazis, Av, if they happen to NOT be Nazis, and if you aren't more careful about your choice of words, you could get into hot water with the law. It's called libel.
Edna 04.19.07 - 2:19 pm #
OK, here is where Talmudist decides to take action. Read with attention!
How do you know ANON is from Tel Aviv?
Can you prove it? Otherwise you will be known as Lying Little Mary.
Incidentally, sending such a post from Tel Aviv does not prove that the poster is one of our "co-patriots"? I guess that the size of the Arab population in Tel Aviv is larger than the Jewish population in all of Italy. If you look at the posts send by the Harratez web site's readers, you'll notice that many of them are far from being patriotic and those posts are send by Arabs living in Israel, Judea and Shamaria and the Gaza strip.
I can supply you with millions of samples where Mohammadens are urged to go and kill Jews.
Talmudist 04.19.07 - 2:28 pm #

Oh, you see how he starts to get nervous and not calling me the devil anymore, now I am Lying Little Mary, and he wants proof that the post came from Tel Aviv, a city that is almost entirely Jewish in the Jewish State. I am supposed to assume that it comes from an Arab. Uh… yeah.
A few more posts in between, some of them interesting, one of them absolutely insulting to another commenter by Talmudist, who is beginning to get really hot under the collar. Looks like the game is up. It’s not the Neo-Nazi from NYC or Berlin… No, this time its “the Arab from Tel Aviv” (could even be Talmudist, since my site is read only by about 30 to 40 Israelis a day, it's not quite "hot" in the Zionist State, and he never misses a thing on this blog). Yet, I still don’t disclose the information that my management page has. I just insist that he is wrong.
Anon is from Tel Aviv because it says so on my management page. I doubt he is Palestinian, so go and keep climbing on your mirrors....thecutter
Homepage 04.19.07 - 3:05 pm #
Only in your fucked up mind, Natural science,or in Iraq, or in Darfur, or...Look for the Arabs and find killing, and more killing, and still more killing.
Talmudist 04.19.07 - 6:36 pm #
Mary: Anon is from Tel Aviv because it says so on my management page. I doubt he is Palestinian, so go and keep climbing on your mirrors....

Mary, you are a lying pig, unless you produce your evidence. Your management page cannot tell you from where the post was sent. Did you forget my profession? At best, you can have an IP Address, which does not necessarily reflects the real computer from which the post was sent.
Here's a link for you from which you can get an IP Address that can make you surf the Internet anonymously. There are many ways to do that as well as millions of ways to do other things.
Mary: I doubt he is Palestinian
Why, Mary, Palestinians murdered thousands of Jews in the most horrible way, uttering the phrase “ITBACH AL YAHUD!”- “SLAUGHTER THE JEW!” , and you dare claim that a Palestinian is so innocent as to post a hate comment. Rubbish!!! I'll supply you with millions of such hate speech, from Israel and abroad.
The truth about the Palestinian terror and violent you know very well, I am sure. But you prefer to disregard it. Go spend your time to show that the suicide bombers are actually a very successful hoax invented by the Israeli Mossad in order to stain the pure and innocent image of the Palestinian.
Since I am an expert of ..., at least in your eyes, allow me to provide you with the first sentence: Now, why should a young man, whose whole life lays before him, and whose Faith condemns such horrible acts, enter a public place, kill himself, only for the shake of killing other innocent people?...
Talmudist 04.19.07 - 7:37 pm #
Talmudist: My post management page shows me the IP. Then, I copy it and send it to the Libero client page which looks up the IP number and tells me where the IP is located. So, what are you trying to prove??

What a massive waste of time you are.
thecutter Homepage 04.19.07 - 8:13 pm #
Many comments follow, but since Talmudist wouldn’t drop the bone, this lying pig must (MUST!) produce her evidence. Served.
City From IP Enter IP

Uses geolocation to find the city and country of an IP.
want your "proof" Talmudist... here you go. So, now you say, It was a Palestinian... It was a proxy... All I know is, the bastard came from Tel Aviv... Do your math... who lives mainly in Tel Aviv? Surely no neo-nazi KKK person.....
"Jihad..Jihad..Jihad !! Finish with the jewish vermin once and forever !!"

04.18.07 - 2:59 am
IP Address
Country ISRAEL
Latitude 32.067 Longitude 34.767
thecutter Homepage 04.20.07 - 10:33 am #
yep - for people like this one in Tel Aviv (and there are many of them posting this junk on the internet), anti-semitism is their victim ticket - and if they need to bomb a synagogue to prove it exists, they do that too!
Anonymous 04.20.07 - 12:45 pm #
AH! our little “Islamic Fascists” mantrist reacts and tells us that a post coming from Tel Aviv is of course from an Arab and how ignorant I must be to think otherwise! I mean, yes, when one thinks of Tel Aviv, one immediately imagines a souk.
Tel Aviv is a very modern city with a mixed population. Many Arab Islamic fascists reside there.Or are you so ignorant that you remain without a clue?
Ibraham Av 04.20.07 - 5:20 pm #
All of a sudden, everyone who condemns "hate speech" against Jews is defining Tel Aviv as a Palestinian town! It defies the imagination, and proves just how little left of that one leg to stand on you have!!You are so ridiculous, I should write a post just on this!!!And ES states that the houses are all so nice and pretty, it would have been a shame to have them be on Palestininan land, which is where they are!!! So, rather than bulldoze them down, sell them, let other people move into them... No, the Jews have to stay and a wall has to go up there, and not on the Green Line.This is why facts on the ground are important, and this is why the lawless settlers could get away with it. Because they do. It's disgusting. Building on other people's property like that and then refusing to acknowledge that you have done wrong, and then you get rewarded for it too. karma.
We can only hope for karma.
thecutter Homepage 04.20.07 - 6:21 pm #
Quite a few comments follow, including a discussion on Livni's praise of the wall and Eurosabra's praise of it as well.....Then we get back to what's bugging Talmudist-Israelite-Anonymous so much, the proxy not being enough, he even comes up with a geolocator that I am supposed to believe will challenge the validity of the one I have installed directly from my comments management site, and which is quite accurate.
Mary, please navigate to this link:
Clear the textbox and enter the IP from your post above, and click the button.
As you can see the hate post under discussion was send from a place called Salvit which is a Palestinian village located nearby Tel-Aviv.
The IP Locate This web site is much more precise and specific than the one you used.
More details... salvit.html
Talmudist 04.23.07 - 1:06 am #
This is followed by a reality check from Edna.
Hardly "precise and specific"!
To check the accurity of this iplocate site, I entered my own IP number.....and while it was able to come up with the right planet and even the right country, it "located" me around 1500 kilometers to the West of where I actually am!
So if it can be this much out with my IP location....I doubt very much that the hate post came from the village of Salvit!!!
Try it with our yown IP number and see where it places you!
Edna 04.23.07 - 3:10 am #
"All of a sudden, everyone who condemns "hate speech" against Jews is defining Tel Aviv as a Palestinian town! "Ibrahim AV didn't say Tel Aviv was a "Palestinian" town-although I am surprised you don't concur. There are a lot of Arab Israeli citizens in the Tel Aviv/Yafo metro conurbation--most of whom are moderate and get along with their Jewish neighbors. *Some* however, have no problem expressing viewpoints such as "Kill the Jews"--your posting an IP address with the inciting post (assuming it is not fabricated) that has a Tel Aviv point of origin is no proof that an Arab didn't post it.
מיכא 04.24.07 - 12:29 am #
“…your posting an IP address with the inciting post (assuming it is not fabricated) that has a Tel Aviv point of origin is no proof that an Arab didn't post it.”
True…it’s no proof that an Arab didn’t post it, or the Easter Bunny (visiting Tel Aviv for the night), or Adolf Hitler himself rising from the dead and heading directly to where the action is, in Tel Aviv…But since Tel Aviv is a city populated mainly by people who love to draw attention to the supposed victimhood of the Jews, for now we’ll assume it is one of them…Or perhaps one of the large number of authentic neo-Nazis living and operating with impunity in Tel Aviv. Read all about it at
Edna Homepage 04.24.07 - 1:54 pm #

So how does Talmudist (and his alter ego Isaelite) react… with a post about the Armenian Genocide then two against Islamic fanatics who commit crimes against Christians. Um… how’s that for Off Topic? A few more posts that are about the actual subject of the thread and then our serial mantrist concludes it all with logic:
The next step in Mary de-evolution from human to hate mongering Islamic fascist.When do you convert and worship the Moon god?Ibraham Av 04.28.07 - 1:11 am
Interesting things happen on these blogs!

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